Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a pyramid scheme?

No! Pyramid schemes are 100% illegal. Money23 members pay a membership fee that entitles them to licensing for the 8 weeks to riches e-book, ongoing affiliate account access and weekly payments, subscription to the Wisdom From The Pro’s Monthly Newsletter as well as other material and guides.

Is there a cost to join?

Yes. There is a small monthly membership fee of $29 per month that all of our members pay. You will have access to your own personal affiliate portal together with your secure account with us and all the resources you require.

So I get $60 Free? How does that work?

Yes. Each new member that joins will automatically receive a $60 Welcome Bonus paid to your Money23 Account. After completing your Week 1 Goal the $60 bonus will be paid to your chosen Bankaccount!

What will I need to do during the 8 weeks?

Our 8 week program consists of very basic framework that guarantees success. As a member you will have access to your very own copy of the 8 Weeks to Riches Ebook with weekly goals and easy to understand actions that anybody can do with ease. An hour per day by doing basic tasks as sending sponsorship emails as well as networking with others in usergroups socially on sites like Facebook will guarantee your success.

What emails do I have to send and how?

As an active member you will be granted access to the Money Email Centre. This tool is used once per day to send an automated email at random to a massive database of email addresses worldwide. It is 99% automated and we provide all the leads and addresses for you. It’s as simple as typing your name and pressing a button.

What happens after 8 weeks?

We set  the first 8 weeks as a challenge to all our new members. 97% of our members are on track to complete the challenge successfully and after the 8 weeks have passed, you will still be an active member and your portfolio will continue to grow.

Is there a guarantee that this actually works?

Yes. 97% of new members are successfully on track to completing the 8 week challenge. We are that confident that you will too so we will also back ourselves with a 100% money back guarantee if you do not make money by the end of the period.