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Take the 8 Week Challenge! Make $192,638.40 in 8 weeks with your copy of the 8 Weeks To Riches eBook.

Purchase your copy of 8 Weeks to Riches and become an active member with us today and we will give you a $60 welcome bonus paid to your chosen Bank account, no questions asked. Spin that money into gold by spending 30-45 minutes per day over 8 weeks sending only 1 email per day and chatting to people on social networks.

How it works



Each active member is paid by us every week, just like a normal job. Payments are made via Bank and are approved and paid within 24 hours of each Friday AEST. During the 8 week program you will be paid all approved funds in your affiliate account. There are no limits or restrictions as an active member.




Our 8 week success program guarantees with mathematical precision that every one of our members will earn $192,638.40 (at a minimum) by the end of 8 weeks. By following key action steps that have been proven to work consistently and by completing your weekly goals, your bank balance will keep on climbing.




We spent more than 5 years developing this system using a mathematical formula that proves itself time and time again. By following our easy 8 week program and completing 1 easy goal per week, you among hundreds of others will indeed see just how powerful this program is…35 minutes per day on average is all that will be required from you.


What our members are saying…

  • “I just have one question: Who is the 'brains' behind this thing? Seriously...I wan't to shake their hand. I'm just gobsmacked about how much money is sitting in my bank account now. You said I should have $200 in my second week but the thing is that I have $327. I'm really buzzing to wait for next week so I can buy a new car stereo”
    Akhram SinghMoney23 Member
  • “I'm sending this mail in hopes that other people in a similar position to how I was 2 months ago will read it and change their lives for the better. This program or system whatever you call it has made me a fortune. I dedicated myself to avoid any negative outer distractions and chose to focus on the task at hand. I knew what I had to do so I went out there and done it. I had more than 30 replies to my facebook post in my first week to attract my sponsors and 7 of them joined. So much for the average 10% conversion because mine was nearly 30%! I followed the program and it has paid off greatly. Thanks for all the support.”
    Cara LindelMoney23 Member
  • “I've been using your website for 18 days and I got my money just in time before Christmas so I can buy gifts for my loved ones.”
    Youseff DhafferMoney23 Member
  • " I've invested money into HYIP, Forex, Drop-shipping, Index Options, MLM programs and many more so naturally I was very skeptical to whether on not this was the real deal. All the things that I tried never gave me much return and I ended up more broke than I was before I started them. I'm used to being let down and disappointed but when I decided to give this my last shot and became a member with Money23, I am so thankful I did! This has been the wildest ride just for sending a few emails and posts on face-book and turning my life around. I don't want to say how much money I've got now but it has been life changing!"
    Richard StrassanMoney23 Member
  • “The proof is in the pudding with this program. I couldn't believe just how fast my balance was adding up from only having the 60 dollars that you generously gave to me. I' have got my two brothers and uncle using using this website now too.”
    Sarah HighgateMoney23 Member
  • “Hi, you have made a total believer out of me that money can be made on the internet. I couldn’t believe my eyes when Paypal said “$3,391.22 available” in just 3 weeks! All this money legally, so quick and fast. I’m kicking myself that I didn’t know about Money23 sooner.”
    David WaterfordMoney23 Member

Our Mission

To deliver the absolute best experience to all our members. Whether your new on-board or a seasoned pro, we encourage open collaboration within our peer network together with our full support and masterful dedication.

Guaranteed Success

Guaranteed Success

By following key action steps that have been proven to to work consistently and by completing your weekly goals, over an 8 week program you will have reached top tier level 8 status and will have accrued a total of $192,000 minimum.

Satisfied Members

Satisfied Members

All of our active members can’t be wrong and with testimonials to back it up, we are determined for each new and existing member to achieve financial success in 8 weeks. That’s a guarantee!

A Proven System

A Proven System

We spent more than 5 years developing a system built on mathematical precision. By following our easy formula of action steps you among thousands of others will indeed see just how powerful it is.

Ongoing Support

Ongoing Support

Along with a large and growing network of active members who are there to help each other, we are always approachable and coupled together with your 8 week  program guide, there will no stopping you.

During The 8 Weeks…


We kick-start your balance with $60


Your Balance: $204 minimum


Your Balance: $624 minimum


Your Balance: $2,109 minimum


Your Balance: $4,488 minimum


Your Balance: $18,743 minimum


Your Balance: $59,815 minimum


Your Balance: $192,638 minimum


You’ve reached top-tier status

8 Week Guarantee

That’s all it took for everyone of our existing members to hit their goal. We guarantee you with mathematical exactitude that by following the steps we put into place, you will have achieved the monetary success that we promise.

Mathematically Precise

$45,672 has been paid out across our active member portfolio in just the last 14 days.

86% testimonial rate from members who are using the 8 week program successfully.


58 new members have newly registered in the last 7 days.

96.4% of our members are on their way to be completing the 8 week program.